Keep flashlights, a battery-operated radio and fresh batteries on hand. Store adequate supplies of non-perishable food and drinking water. For safety, do not talk on a phone or watch TV during a lightning storm. Consider unplugging expensive items such as computers, refrigerators, televisions and VCRs or stereos to avoid power surge damage even if they are plugged into surge protectors. Also disconnect the phone line from any modem or fax machine. Have at least one telephone available that is not dependent upon electricity. Remember, cordless phones don’t work during a power interruption.

If anyone in your home uses life-sustaining equipment powered by electricity, call NYSEG (New York State Electric and Gas) at 1-800-572-1111. The utility can advise you on how to prepare for power interruptions.

By all means, stay away from downed power lines and anything the lines are touching. Call NYSEG at 1-800-572-1131. For more storm safety tips, visit