Coyotes live and breed in this area. Because they are so plentiful, the state Department of Environmental Conservation in conjunction with Cornell University is conducting a four-year study in which coyotes will be trapped, tranquilized, and equipped with radio collars in North Salem, Somers, Greenburgh, and Mount Pleasant to help wildlife biologists learn more about their habits.

Coyotes are extremely adaptable and comfortable living in close proximity to residential areas. They are usually not a threat to humans, however coyotes may attack small pets, particularly cats. They will also go after small dogs.

Coyotes eat a variety of foods including rodents, birds, fruit, and berries and will also eat food provided by people including spilled bird seed, compost piles, pet foods, or unsecured garbage. Pets should be supervised while outdoors. Keeping pets indoors or limiting their time outdoors, especially at night when coyotes are most active is recommended.