Yes. There is a shuttle service run by Metro-North. Commuters may park for free in the town-owned lot on Spring Street, next to the police station, in South Salem, and catch a bus to the Katonah train station.

The morning buses are scheduled to arrive at the lot at 5:57, 6:16, 6:31, 6:54, 7:16, 7:41, and 8:09. They will arrive in Katonah about 15 minutes later, a few minutes before trains leave for New York City. The evening shuttle bus will meet trains that arrive in Katonah at 4:54, 5:23, 5:46, 5:55, 6:25, 6:38, 7:05, 7:28, 7:50, and 8:24. You must request that the bus stop in South Salem. The shuttle makes a few runs in the evening to the train station and from the station in the morning. There are no weekend or holiday shuttles.

Regular bus fares are $1.25 for adults, 90 cents for students, and 60 cents for seniors or disabled riders. Unlimited travel “fast pass” is $45, $32 for students and $22 for seniors or the disabled. For details, go online to