Westchester County sponsors several “household chemical clean-up days’’ in the area every year where county residents can dispose of unwanted or leftover chemicals. There are clean-up days in the spring and fall. (Dates are online at lewisborogov.com — click on Town Clerk — and westchestergov.com.)

There is no fee but all chemicals must be in original or labeled containers. You may dispose of: most automotive fluids; antifreeze, brake fluid and gasoline; chemistry kits; fire starter fluid; household batteries; kerosene; metal and jewelry polishes; paint thinners and solvents; pesticides; insecticides and herbicides; photographic chemicals; septic tank cleaners; swimming pool chemicals; turpentine; waxes and polishes; wood preservatives; used car tires (up to 10); fluorescent light bulbs; fire extinguishers; one- or two-pound propane tanks; and rechargeable and button cell batteries. Non-rechargeable batteries can go in the trash.

The county won’t accept: empty chemical containers (these should be disposed of in the trash); oil and latex paint (dispose of with household trash in solid form — air dry and use kitty litter); motor oil (take to a gas station or motor oil retail outlet); vehicle batteries (take to any vehicle battery retail outlet); compressed gas cylinders, propane (other than mentioned above) and helium tanks; explosives, ammunition and flares; pharmaceutical, medical and biological wastes; and smoke and fire detectors. Only residential chemicals are accepted — none from commercial and institutional users. Pre-registration is required for 60 pounds or more of solid material or 25 gallons or more of liquids. To pre-register, for more information or a free brochure on the proper disposal of household chemicals, call the county’s household chemical info line at 813-5425.